you know what would be awsome?

sgt. hitchcock

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if we had a video of eGO team members playing the game to put on our main page have videos made of all our divisions set to the music do you call my name by ra its a good song lol but seriously i think it would be great to have a video just an idea :D

sgt. hitchcock

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there were alot of gameplay videos but im talking about like i guess something like a recruitment video?highlighting our different divisions and why were such a great clan :D

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On topic response: Looks like the video was taken down, although there was one that was exactly what you were describing in the PSC's Start Here thread.
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Videos of them playing...the game?

Isn't this like our 5th thread to revive mustario/mustereo/mustard on a cookie in the past week?

sgt. hitchcock

I made one post
it would show how extensive our community is and some people that come to our site don't or haven't played some of the games we play and if we got footage of us kicking tail it would show great we are