Ill Legend is going back in time


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This weekend im going to be at a classic car show. Wont be on at all pretty much all weekend.

Ill upload some pictures and post them here throughout the weekend.

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Mayhem Death

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Nice. Are you bringing a car or buying one? Usual car shows I go to with my dad are sweet. He brings his custom made Corvette Z6 (he has made a lot of adjustments to it). Hope you have a good time and get some good pics. :p

KR Decade

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sweetttt... classic carsss! Have Fun!

Ok guys, commence Hostile Takeover plan again. We failed during his trip to Disneyland... :|

Frank The Tank

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Have fun !!!!! *wait for legend to leave * PARTY AT LEGENDS PLACE !!! lol there will be ginger ale and marshmallows being served


2007 was a great year.
i love classic cars

so much crome

and so much more space

i wish that car makers still wanted to make cars beautiful

its all about how cheap they can make them to turn a profit

and about mpg and whether or not its green

id rather hear the roar of a v8 then get 40 mpg