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i think you remeber this thread:

So how you know im going to camp :glare:

some of you PM me questions so i will answer the questions now.
:confused1: :confused1: :confused1:
Q:What Programs do you use in you videos?

A:Sony vegas pro 9, picasa 3, Magix MM 15 and Fraps.

Q:is there coming another game videos?

A:yes,TF 2 and DoD:s (Workin now on Welcome to eGO TF2 version)

Q:Why TT6 not Media Team?

A:Because Media Team have own Projects and i have own projects too. So i made my own group... TT6 is my Machinima & Game Videos Group (Maybe eGO will support)There is alot videos coming so stay awake :D (if somebody ask im Still in MT :) )

Q:Can you make tutorial. how to make nice game video?


Q:Are u making videos only to get promoted ^^?

No, Making videos is my hobby im not only making game videos i have own personal YT channel where im making vlogs, Series...

Why eGO Videos?

A:Because eGO is great place where release my own works and stuff. And there is Media Team so its just great!

i hope you know more now.

-White Tiger :)