Which Keyboard/Mouse you guys using?


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I thought i'd post this thread to see what everybody is using :)

I am using

Razer Arctosa Keyboard

Regular Gaming mouse..


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Logitech G15 + Logitech G9x + Logitech G35 :)

Only need the G13 to make it complete, but I dont think the G13 will be much of use:p

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Logitech G11
Genius Gaming Mouse AGAMA <-- Love this baby, you can adjust dpi setting for x and y direction independently. Up to 3200dpi ;)


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I don't use a mouse or keyboard, or the novint falcon.

I use my brain to control everything I do on the computer.


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crap keyboard crap mouse not actual crap but you know factory dell keyboard and factory Compaq mouse nothing special had a 5 button dell mouse but its dell so it don't work anymore of course


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Logitech G15 (blue) and a Logitech G9x. Also have a G13 but never use it...

As headset I've got the Creative Fatality usb headset :(