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What do you mean by ideas? like ideas for what? you need to explain what we are supposed to give you ideas. But heres a good idea.. To put the popcorn into the microwave for 3 minutes before you being eating them!


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actually i would start with making then myself, not with templates, you sould make sure you are not using copywrited materials when doing that. mostly they say it's free to download but that doesn't say it's not copywrited.


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Nonono, im not actually downloading the template, im taking an image of the template, building on top of it, i was going to combine the features of both. And im asking for any ideas on doing that, without it coming out bad


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Hmmm... I've got an idea. I'll post a mock up of it tomorrow (If I remember :lol: ).

By the way, Im taking web design and internet science classes this fall, so this should be some fun practice :)


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As promised, heres a very quick mock up (Got bored, so I stopped after an hour :O ).