I need to go outside
Yep some of you might remember ins_streetwar. I gave up on the map because I ran out of ideas. So now I am going back and fixing it up

Story: Marines received word that a squad a few hours ago was attacked by insurgents in a small street. While this was going on the civilians left all there belongings such as cars in the streets and ran in terror, thankfully this provides adequate cover for you. Unfortunately in the wake of chaos a bus driver waiting for his shift was awaken in terror and drove the bus into a house where the insurgents escaped from. You must make your way to the hills above the city by climbing over the rubble. Insurgents know the best spots in rubble to shoot from so be careful

+ added, -removed =to do

+optimization (no draw small skybox)
-Bulky blocks
-spawns (Until I get imc2 working)
+semi proper texture
+ decals
- prop_static bushes
+ "campable" bushes
= fog/dust
= particles under lights
= points A B C
= more cover

This time I am looking for some ideas and maybe a assistant or two, they will be expected, or may attempt to do

  • express opinions in the map
  • map out sections that may look bleak
  • Take charge of the team when I am not around
You may also help with
detailing (decals, particle effects, ambient sound)

I am looking for a max of 3 people

INGAME shots

hammer shots

Your help would be much appreciated I wish to get this to a point where I can have a play test then go back and fix
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I need to go outside
yea its not that good but I promised I wouldn't start from scratch. If you are new to mapping anyone I would love to take you along the way and show you some stuff.


I need to go outside
someones positive?

+added -removed

+ grapple hook/rope from ins_karkar
+ 2 ropes along with grapple hook to get to the top of the rubble building, these ropes are breakable
-some bushes


I need to go outside
Ok guys sorry for the delay got the ps3 (awesomeness) and there are alot of changes

- 2 buildings near spawn
+ market
+ alley was in place of the two buildings
+ "broken walls"
+ Dmm style walls

Ok so what is dmm? Long answer:

Digital Molecular Matter, better known as simply DMM, is a middleware physics engine developed by Pixelux. It is designed for computer, video games, and other simulation needs by attempting to simulate physical real-world systems. Unlike traditional realtime simulation engines which tend to be based on rigid body kinematics, the use of FEA allows DMM to simulate a large set of physical properties. Developers can assign physical properties to a given object (or portion of an object) which allow the object to behave as it would in the real world (e.g. ice, gummy bear, etc.) In addition the properties of objects (or even just parts of objects) can be changed at runtime allowing for additional interesting effects.
Short answer: rpg+wall= pieces of wall falling

of course full dmm is unrealistic, only certain walls will be dmm.

+ market stalls