Whats it called


I need to go outside

Like this. In school we went to a website that where you could type in words and they would randomly place the words in different locations facing either up down left right or diagonal. Any ideas what its called

5k for the right one or one I can use
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I need to go outside
-_- no no. You know thats not even close, that wasnt ever a real guess. Does that commercial look like a cross word? NO, its when you type in a string of words

bye (every time it gets bigger)

when you generate all those words will be in various sizes and positions


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Oh, the video wasn't showing before

That's just text that's being thrown in at a certain point in the video. All edited

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Is it called moving text? Becuase all they are doing is making the text go to 1 place, but they make it into a cool design way. o_O