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Well, I tried the beta for MOH (multiplayer only) today, and I have to say, I was quite disappointed. I'd rather play BC2, as much of it felt like a slimmed (or should I say, dumbed) down version of it.

This comes from a guy who made his entry into FPS by playing the very first Medal of Honor on PSX and every subsequent one since. Not sure if the singleplayer is any better but the MP was not impressive at all.

Just my two cents. Anyone else?
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Everyone is bashing the MoH beta, and I don't see why. I love it; I think it shows some real potential for a full game.

Think of it this way: Port Valdez was the only map available for the BC2 demo/beta, and I think its a horrible map. Always have, always will. Don't judge a game by it's only beta map.

Also, I like the combination of MW2-like points and airstrikes with the BC2 engine.

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I tried it yesterday. I have to say it was a nice change of pace for me from BC2. To me, it felt like BC2's little brother.

Not saying the game is bad, I did have fun. I does show promise if the whole thing comes together nicely this October. However, at the end of the day, after multiple crashes, I was wanting to play BC2 again.


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I downloaded and played Medal of Honor Beta last night. I was disapointed aswell. I'd rather play Bad Company 2 that Medal of Honor any day. However MoH does have an AK-47...something I wish they would add to Bad Company 2. Yet BC2 have vehicles which come in handy a lot.

But I'll stick with BC2.


If I wanted to play MW2, Id play MW2. Just sayin'
Though I only played it for about three hours at a friend's house, I'd call it MW2.1.

Yeah it's not original in the slimmest bit, but it addresses a lot of the problems I was having with MW2.


I haven't played MoH yet, but I wouldn't be shocked if EA doesn't push it as hard as the Battlefield series. Still I am looking forward to playing it, and i'm hoping it does well. It couldn't hurt.

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i played MoH beta and i must say its not what i was hoping. the graphics are not exactly what i was expecting, gameplay was clunky, weapons did not seem to have any recoil. what i am trying to say is that the game just 'didnt feel right'