Play on The New Maps!


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Play on The New Maps!


Not sure if I'm right, but I dont see much people on the New Servers, I really like to check thim out, so I can vote on one of the 4 maps.
You guys should do the same, becaus one of the 4 maps will stay. And it's beter if there will be a map we all like so its not gonna be as empty as colmar atm.

So Join the server! And check the new maps out with me! :)

More information:

See you on the Servers


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most people make up their mind really fast, at first i didnt like sora now its growing on me. playing on different maps helps you get better, people really shouldnt stick to one server!


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I'll be up and playing in about 30 minutes, see you there?

PS, lol @ dod 3.0 circa 2002. Jolt doesn't even rent servers anymore (a good thing cuz that would count as advertising on the forums) and dodhq is gone. Also, is that blood or.... ew. This was a state-of-the-art render back then haha, good times.


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Not a fan of Sora, played it many time's in old dod. New one not impresive.
same, this is no good as a realism map either, climbing on chimney-stacks and telephone polls 30 feet in the air? basically exploit-jumping to reach impossible-to-track spots?

if there's supposed to be a ladder they would have added the model of a ladder to where the invisible one is now. I can't think of a legal spot where I have to prone and sprint-crawl up the corner of a rooftop where I then walk across a 6-inch wide "walkway"

I agree that some of the rooftops were made to look accessible via boxes, crates, or barrels, but we would have to put so much fire on this map... ugh, not a fan.


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Sora is very tight, lots of close combat. It is definitely an enjoyable map with a small portion of players, but I can't see it as a full map. Plus, my first experience since the original DOD was fantastic!! Cannot wait for Caen! :)


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Don't care for Sora, but as soon as Caen is activated, 24/7 OMG OMG OMG OMG I miss Caen so much.

The last two are good maps too. Stoked :)