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About 2 weeks ago, somebody on vent was telling me how to set BC2 in my steam up correctly. Since I bought it D2D, it will only set up as a non-steam game. Is there a fix for this?

Sorry I didn't listen when whoever it was helping me at the time, and not just doing it then.



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Since you didn't buy from Steam, you will only be able to set it up as a non-Steam game. No other way unless DICE integrates Steamworks into the game later (like Unreal Tournament 3).


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That was me. Thanks for listening :p

Here's how I did it:

Go to steam, at the top click games. Click add a non steam game to the library. Choose BFBC2Game from Program Files/Electronic Arts/Battlefield Bad Company 2.

Then make a shortcut on the desktop. Use the steam shortcut to load and you will have the steam overlay.


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If you have the product key steam should allow you to enter its key and it will get enabled with your account.


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you can get the product key again, however steam won't accept it as valid.
That's because the key isn't valid and probably never will be. If you want Steam integration, you'll have to buy the game again through Steam. Otherwise, all you get is the overlay.


Exactly. And i'm not dropping 60 bucks to get the same game twice, so overlay it is:)
That's the only real benefit to purchasing a game with STEAM anyway, other then the Achievements counter, but unless your an achievement collector, then there is real no use anyway :p