Antec 1200 or Obsidian 800D? or HAF932


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Which one if i want to upgrade. I LOVE the 800D's cable management thing they got goin on. I LOVE antec how it has great air flow and so does the HAF. I dont mind the 800D's price so im not listing that as a con..


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I own Antec 1200. The greatest thing on this case is airflow. I have 5 120mm fans and 1 200mm fans to keep the things chill and it does. But on the orther side, cable management on this case isn't the more brilliant. Maybe you should go with 800D.


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The 800D has HORRIBLE airflow.
It's pretty much designed for watercooling.
I mean, the ONLY intake fan is ON THE BOTTOM OF THE CASE.
Don't get me wrong, I'd love to own the case, but not for air cooling.


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HAF 932, I myself have the HAF 922 and wow its amazing... have 3-200mmfans 1-140mm fan and 2-120mm fans and it stays extremely cool, side note have you looked at the HAF X ?