Player point system


Ok, so i dont like the point system for kills at all. i would like one that award and take 2 points per kill rather than me playing and killing two guys for 2 to 7 points and then getting killed and losing 11 it almost makes me wanna scream.

IS there a way for the existing stats to be like that, i've seen it in other servers before.


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The way hlxstats works, if you're a higher rank then someone and you kill them then you don't get many points, if they're lower then you and you're killed by them, they get more for killing a higher ranked player.


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Yea, I stopped going for points after getting bumped from rank ~50 to ~450 over a couple of days.. Actually a lot more fun to play cause you don't constantly burst out in anger everytime a Grunt (!) shoots you and takes your precious 25 (or what ever) points..

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i dont play for points either. although i do look at them from time to time just to see how they stack up against other players.
but seeing as the rpg/m203 are my most used my team kills kill my
just play and have fun works for me to,,,,,,,