dod on mac?


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hey is anyone or does anyone know any mac users playing on dod or css or tf2 lately? I've always had an iMac, but would just use BootCamp to switch to Windows Vista to play DoD or Css. The game has been pretty smooth lately and i've been liking being able to listen to my 80gb of music while playing! Does anyone know any mac users playing??

btw..i'm having trouble downloading custom content, mainly on the DoD Donner or Strand servers, dont remember which one. but i just turn off download custom content and i'm fine.


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i have seen some pubs talk about it but i dont know why the skins wont work. Maybe it was windows made only?


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Ya it works but all your skins will not be compatible with a Mac OS(unless the skin modders fix it so it will work).

Only thing I have been hearing it is a bit choppy for Mac players so I'm guessing future patches will clear that up for Mac players. It seems that the source coding is not using the Mac OS to its full potential so tweaking by Valve will be happening.


I play on a macbook pro and DODS and CSS are working pretty well. TF2 has horrid performance, but hopefully Apple and Valve will fix that soon.

Most server downloads worked perfectly for me, such as custom sounds and maps across all the games. Should work out fine.


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hmm i'll try custom dl's again soon then. yeah its sorta choppy on my iMac but its definitely playable, i get less lag spikes or lag due to graphics on PC but i can still get headshots easily hehe. Thumbs up for sure