DoD:S Realism Campaign 1 Battle 1

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** All items are subject to change and modification. **

Campaign #1 will Start This Saturday July 17th!!!


Generalfeldmarschall [Cinc] Blue Stealth
General [Gen.] Sumac
Oberst [Obt.] Bad Brain


Allied Commander-in-Chief [Cinc] ST0RMY
General [Gen.] BL4SPH3MY
Colonel [Col.] Skippy
Major [Maj.] Old Monkei

Server IP:
PW: Come on VENTRILO for Password.

Battle #1 Information:

Round 1: Axis attacking Finland from Poland on dod_dijon
Round 2: Allies attacking Denmark from Norway on dod_Ludendorff

Saturday July 17, 2010

9:00 PM EST
8:00 PM CST
7:00 PM MST
6:00 PM PST​

This will be a structured/organized tournament.

As such, each army will have a structured ranking system, starting from Cinc (Commander in Chief) to Pvt. (Private). In cooperation with eGO rules, players participating will have their names as such (in-game only): =(eGO)=? Player [Cinc] or =(eGO)=? Player [Pvt.]

For a full list of Ranks and In-game tags: CLICK HERE

I know that this has been much anticipated. Sorry for the delay.

** Additions will be made as more people sign up until registration closes.

Haven't signed up yet? CLICK HERE

DoD:S Realism Details: CLICK HERE


We would also like to wish ST0RMY a Very Happy Birthday!
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Old Monkei

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First and for most: HAPPY B-DAY STORMY!!!!!!

Next: Thank you for all the hard from everyone involved, hope to be able to help out with the future campaigns :)

Last BUT not least: Good luck to all ;)


Hey guys, teams were done they way they were done to make it as fair as possible. I know some of you didn't get the teams you wanted, but we decided to randomize the process to protect against team stacking. We hope you understand and still enjoy yourself.


teams were randomized. We realize that this means that some people didn't get the team that they wanted. Unfortunately, it's the nature of the beast.

We tried very hard to make it fair and enjoyable at the same time. We all hope that you still come to play and have fun (which is the first objective of this event). Secondly, please be patient as we struggle through some of the roadbumps that are bound to happen as we proceed with the first campaign.

Thank you all!


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Yeah. Ill also not be able to play until the 25th. Its just to unfair for me to play realism when I have a ping of 250-400.



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I'll be out of action for the first couple of weeks fellas, IM ON LEAVE IN PARIS. or do the allies not control France yet?


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happy birthday stormy :) now me,dutch and ravage can punch you all down :p omg why finland first :(
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