Messed up sound???


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Ok so when im playing BFBC2 and use vent at the same time sometimes the games sound will get lowered and the vent volume will stay normal and if i try to unplug my headphones then plug them back in i can hear any sound coming from the game, vent or my browser or anything that makes sound. So i have to close everything out and then unplug my headphones then plug them in again and restart everything and the sound will be normal. This gets really annoying so thats why i want help.


Are you using a USB headset? If so, that's why plugging it in an out does that.

As for the sound getting lowered do this:

In the bottom right of you screen , by the time/clock, you will see a bunch of small icons. Find the one that controls volume.

Right click on it.

Click on playback devices (Or sounds/recording decides, doesn't matter which of those)

Click the tab that says Communications.

Select the Do nothing option.

Click OK.

Your sound should no longer get lowered.


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It was already set to do nothing and i think it was that i was using the on board realtek. I decided to go and use a sound card and hopefully this will fix it. Thanks for the help.
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