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So I was googling for the eGO font (long story short) and one of hits struck me as a tad odd..

Don't know if any of you know of them, but apparently it's a "Anti-eGO" community, bend on boycotting eGO and to:
Our Mission is to decay the popularity of =(eGO)=™ servers in a mature fashion, by protesting and expanding this group, until =(eGO)=™ presents itself as an honest, decent gaming organiztion.
So, curious to the fact of why, I read on with an increasingly growing smile. The claims - and forum posts in generel - reminds me of how Fox News channel would twist a story, or one of those guys you see on the street shouting "Repend your sins!", but I'll leave any personal remarks out of this post, since they haven't "attacked" me personally.

The good stuff is on their "Mission Statement" page, which you can find here:

I can't possible see that any of it is true, but a reminder of "There is some truth to every lie" makes me wonder what possible event could have happened, that would spark a nearly fanatic wish to "expose" eGO?

Hope I started your roflcopters :)
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Yes indeed its totally bullcrap, the only problem is that arround 1500 members believe it, and turned thimself against us.

I say; forget that, dont think about it, have fun on eGO, and ignore the people who hate us.



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fail... =(Anti-eGO)= is fail...

let me see.. they're mad because we are organized, and the community tag is trademarked.... :chair:

oh .. and yea, cause they fail.


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All I will say, is when you are on top there is always someone wanting to knock you off. Human nature.


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Hehe, they apparently also have a Unban request page.. So if one of them gets banned on a eGO server - and I can imagine that some of them would have been, and for good reasons - they then come to one of our fine admins requesting an unban, then post the story on their page, to "quote: so as to lul at how stupid =(eGO)= can be"..

I gotta say, I love the fire burning in these guys, haha! Although, I'm a bit pissed that they would use the good will of one of our admins, just to make fun of it!
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That group you found is one of maybe 100 anti-eGO groups but that only shows you just how great we are! I mean if we weren't why would there be some many haters?

Any-who the eGO font is called "Planet Kosmos"
With great power, comes 100 anti-eGo groups ;) BTW! Thanks for the font, although I already found it.. Hehe, wish I've seen your post earlier though, because I've spend like 2 hours on our forums looking for it before I found it..