First impression of BFBC2


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Its awesome!!! Makes all the other FPS games I've played look like teletubies this game is like a teletubie on steriods! This game is so intense! And the graphics are amazing. My favourite class so far is engineer/recon mostly recon on Isle Innocents something like that. I am seriously considering to switch over to this division ;)


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It's great that you like it! I always play recon on Isla if i'm defending and assault if i'm attacking, until the last set of mcoms in which case i switch to engineer and RPG the objectives.


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Well its now official I am now apart of the BF division ;) I hope you guys like me and I hope I can have a fun stay here as I did in INS ;D


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Welcome to the division, Kawaii!

I hope that after failing to dominate you in TF2 that at least now I can collect yo dog tags. :)