Fable 3!? :O


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So here's the news, Fable 3 is supposedly coming out this year for both PC and Xbox 360. I'm a huge fan of the first two in the series, but I wanted to hear everyone elses thoughts on this matter!

Have you played Fable before (any in the series)? If so, what did you think of it? If you haven't played it, do you want to or not? If you absolutely HATE the series, why so do you hate it? Are you itching for Fable 3 to come out, or are you more of a "meh" kinda person? And which platform (PC or 360) do you think it would be best for?

Just tell me your thoughts on the Fable series, what you think of the upcoming Fable 3 (if you've seen stuff about it), and all that. Your opinions won't be judged, that's a guarantee. :D


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That's true. It was an amazing game. I had the full game for 360, and beat it within a week (non-stop playing of course). There were a few glitches to it, but I loved it. :D Definately worth getting the full version.


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I have fable 2 on the xbox and its a great game, I love to scare away the people around me :) and Ill get the next game for sure, pc ofc ;) I will be praying for some mods!


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I played thru the first and didn't like it. I felt like it was really short and easy, and when I was reading news and watching videos up until its release they made me being it was similar to Elder Scrolls. I was really confused by that.

I didn't much care for anything about the game, so I didn't play the second.


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I have played both and I personally prefer the first one over the second, it felt way too short. But theres only 2 things that I liked fable 2 over fable 1 and that would be the rent for houses ( who wouldnt love getting 26000 gold every 10 mins?) and that it was much easier to level up, in fable 1 it felt like it took forever. And I am very excited for fable 3, can't wait to rule with an iron fist


2007 was a great year.
Had Fable on the Xbox, never played it a lot.
Had Fable 2 on the Xbox 360, liked it, played it a bit more than the other, never finished it.
Overall, looks like I wouldn't really care much about a Fable 3 =/


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Good, honest, and fair opinions. :) True, Fable 2 was pretty short, but only if you rushed through the main story. I found that if you take time to do most side-quests, the world changes a LOT as you finally progress through the main story.

And yeah, Fable 1, the leveling did kinda suck. =\ The system for Fable 2 was pretty good, I have to say. :)

As for Fable 3, if it does appear to be more like Elder Scrolls, I think that might be pretty good. It got kinda annoying the world being only in small segements, and time passing by 29 hours when wanting to travel from Bower Lake to Bowerstone (Fable 2). Hopefully it will actually be a whole open world this time. :)

Anyways, again good opinions everyone, keep em comin! :D