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hey guys just wanted to show you something im working on at the moment, its some art work for a producer I know called the GREATER GOOD hes a great guy and a great EBM producer iv meet through a producing/ djing community ( and he recently got signed to red robot records and asked me to do some work for him and this is what iv got so far.

hope you like it and check out GG


EGO Is My Life!
too hard to read the text you need to get rid of the background or use a simpler text and the colour of the logo should be tied into something else
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EGO Is My Life!
The GG symbol is a good start...
The fiery text and font don't really mesh though.
Good luck with this project.


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You can't really read the text. Especially when you put it in "Old English" font and give it a fiery overlay on a black background. And the picture sort of looks like a... well you know. And its yellow, contrasting that black with a totally different color than your font as well. Try to keep them in a semi-close color scheme.