Poll on the Engie Guide: Map Guide

What kind of map guide would you like in the new Engie Guide?

  • Full strategic guide. Tell me everything about everything!

    Votes: 15 34.9%
  • a compromise. A little bit of strategy, but nothing too in depth.

    Votes: 16 37.2%
  • Just a guide with pictures of various sentry placements.

    Votes: 9 20.9%
  • I would only flip through a map guide; I wouldn't really take much out of it.

    Votes: 1 2.3%
  • No map guide. I wouldn't use it anyhow.

    Votes: 2 4.7%

  • Total voters


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Hey Folks.

So those of you who have been paying attention to the forums in the last little while know that I'm in the process of updating and re-writing my engie guide from the past, as well as updating it graphically.

Work is chugging along smoothly, and estimates are in on the page length. All of these things can be read about in my player blog. Go! Read!

However, I'm at a decision point at the moment. I want to include something as far as a map guide goes, but I don't know how thorough to be. I could do something as minimal as have pictures of a map with some sentries in interesting locations, which was the original plan. However, many people have asked me to expand the map section to include in-depth strategy concerning individual maps.

I'm happy to do this, but it has the potential to roughly double the length of an already epicly-sized guide. I don't mind that at all, but it will take more time. What I want to get out of this poll is basically how many people would be interested in a full scale map guide, or one that's potentially not as thorough.

While the poll will be very useful in determining what to do about this, your written opinions are more useful. Tell me what you think!
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I think it could be very useful to some players especially those whom don't know map strategies that well. I say include them with images and a little depth but just don't go over the top and double the size of the guide.


I could use some new strategies for some maps. I'm a little bit rusty so more in-depth scenarios would be useful.


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As a a occasional TF2 player, the placement of the sentries as well as some strategy would really help me out. Last time I tried to play engie I went 12 and 82.


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Do want the full strategic. Possible to include both a compromised solution for new engi players and a full depth version for us oldies?

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Make a full, poster type thing with each maps, showing good Sentry placement, you gotta understand, I who plays Engie+ Solder mostly, will really only look at your places (if I already dont have them :p ) and see it.

Visual is the best.

Put a section on Sentry Jumping and Sentry rocket jumping (2 different things)


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I vote for the option to make a map that shows the worst sentry locations, claiming they are the best. Then I can snipe and backstab the engies to my hearts content :D


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How about you make 2 guides, one for maps and one for engies?
That's another idea I was playing with. The more I think of it, there's no way for a map guide to be LESS than 100 pages.

I mean, do the math. Valve has 39 official maps, and I would of course include blackmesa, making a total of 40. If I include any picture references AT ALL, than each map will be at bare minimum 2 pages in length, and realistically, I would predict 5-6. That means 80 minimum, 200 predicted.

Again, I'm happy to do that, but suddenly the map guide portion will outweigh the strategic portion of the guide by a ratio of about 2-1. So perhaps it might be a better idea to stick with the original plan of some quick reference pictures and release something like this later if the demand requires it.


Dread, remember that people wont read if there is much text, try to put mostly images and text that goes straight to the point but with enough detail to let people know the variations and strategies you can use. I voted for the third option :p


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why doesnt the poll have a "im such and uber engie i know everything about every map and how to play and set up everything" option


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why doesnt the poll have a "im such and uber engie i know everything about every map and how to play and set up everything" option
Because that option would apply to nobody, myself included.

I appreciate the answers guys, and I think I've made a decision now about how I'll be integrating this stuff.

My guide is mostly formulaic at the moment. i.e., I teach you what makes a good place for a sentry not by telling you that 'this is a good place', but by telling you the rules for checking if it is. Therefore, I think that I will simply make an appendix involving the third option; just some pictures involving specific examples of the various types of placements I've talked about previously in the guide.

An actual full map guide, I do believe, is a separate project altogether. With a rather conservative 5-6 pages per map, the thing would be bigger than anything published for TF2 before. Good project, sure, but one that will be waiting.

Thanks for all of the input, folks! I'll put more polls up if I need more input, but realistically, this thing ought to be done by the end of the week, so there won't be many more.