Leaving INS :(


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Hey guys its Kawaii, some of you might remember me from when I was a silly little "e" and some of you probably don't. To those who still remember me you'll notice that I never play INS anymore and just come in to help out if there are no admins in a server. Thats because INS has died for me *the game not the division* I've lost my passion for the game that I once had and decided to join BFBC2 where I am actually very active in playing. I will still be active on the INS forums tho because its where I started in fact 2 days from now marks my 1 year anniversery with this division. I will truly miss all of you guys because you were the people I celebrated me being promoted etc... I'ma miss caffeine and him burning me on Dust and I'ma miss Death my silly lil foreign buddy ;( I hope the best to all of you and this division.



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think about the drastic move before you actually do it man ahh damn it's too late have fun in BC2 division man