Conquest Server issues

Have Africa Harbor Conquest in the Conquest Rotation?

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Just a few issues about the Conquest server.

  • Arica Harbor Conquest - not included in the rotation (is there a reason for this?)
  • Laguna Presa Conquest - the boundaries for the spawn camping plug-in is messed up (example: I killed a person in the waterway in front of their base and it gives me a warning)
  • Laguna Alta Conquest - Too Few tickets, Personally i hate this map so this one doesnt really matter to me but...
  • Port Valdez Conquest - Too Many tickets, 250 is way to much for this map, maybe 150-180?

Edit: Reasoning for posting this in Division forums instead of Dropbox was because I wanted to see others opinions about the map
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I'm pretty sure I'm not qualified to vote because I avoid conquest like the plague.

This may or may not change if we get a HC Conquest server.


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O and one more thing I noticed is that all the servers do not have server banners. Maybe we could have a contest to see who can make the best ones for all 3 servers??:confused1:


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I voted Yes, I mean why we took it out is still a mystery to me;)

I will also vote if there is any update on a HC Conquest server :):cool:


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Well my opinion about the Conquest maps is this:

Laguna Alta: if you rise the tickets... only one thing will happen... Base spawn camping. We all know that since we got this problem over and over again, people just love to camp the bases.

Laguna Presa: The warning is better than the instant kil, is a new feature we are testing. You can read more about this here: I think we just need to define the bases and problem solved

Port Valdez: I agree too many tickets and the problem of Laguna Alta starts...

Arica Harbor I personally don't like this map, I think is boring and is all about wookies :facewall::facewall::facewall::facewall:

@Kerak Milo... is the mystery to me...