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OK so im in the market for a new mic, not a headset though, just maybe a desk mic, I dont want any mic that has sound play out of it. I just want a mic that I can talk into and all audio resumes normal. Like a desk sitting mic, preferably under $40, I just want decent quality and good reliability


There's really not enough Desk Mic products that are out in stores or even online. I can only suggest the Logitech Deskmic for 30 bucks


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Do you have headphones or a headset?
You could get a Zalman clip-on mic. They're cheap ($15 IIRC), good, and reliable.


I have a usb headset and standalone mic, all I can say is stick with 3.5mm. Ive had nothing but problems getting them to work with programs. Luckily the only program it seems to work correctly with is ventrilo, but it will not work with ts3 at all. Also, I would suggest straying away from the Logitech 3.5mm desktop mic. I might have just bought a faulty one, but it has a lot of static and it seems to change volume based on your volume, which is annoying.


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FWIW... I use the Logitech USB and both my brother-in-laws bought them as well... never a single problem... I have had more problems with my old Logitech headset that used the 3.5... thankfully, it came with a USB adapter, so it was a non-issue :)


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3.5mm > USB for audio any day.
For audio maybe... but not so much for mic. I play with either my Logitech Z2300 speakers or my Seinheiser HD280Pro headphones on... so I definitely would recommend 3.5 for the audio (just no the vocals)


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the advantage of working in sound production

i just got a sm57 on my desk, the thing sounds good and is a tank seen one of these drop 3 floors and still work perfect
I would like to thanks everyone so far for contributing to help, I think the winner is I-Die-Often, Thanks, This is exactly what I was looking for, and what better then from an eGO sponsor? Thanks everyone!