Disco Audio Problem (Too Low)

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So my problem for my disco is that the music is too low
Its kind of large so I increased the ambient_g to maximum volume but that still doesn't seem to do the trick. Also, the area of the sound is at the ends of the map, but it just doesnt seem to be loud enough for a good disco

Any Ideas?



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It's not like the players can see all the ambient generics, and if they all have the same name, you don't need to change any outputs.
That's definitely a viable solution.

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Nighthawk, you don't even know all the names of your disco songs xD
That maybe true and all, but he's got it right to add more of the ambient_generics. 4 - 10 for each song usually is about right depending on the size of the room and the volume of the song (not Hammer's volume, but the actual song.

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actually, while we are on this subject, is there a way to play an ambient_g when say...there is only one member on the team left, or is that a server thing?