Would you kill me

Would you kill a spycrab?

  • Spycrabs Must DIE!!!

    Votes: 35 62.5%
  • NO! Save the poor, harmless spycrabs!

    Votes: 21 37.5%

  • Total voters
I was wondering. If I were to just randomly spycrab out in the middle of the map how many of you guys would kill me? Would you kill me if i stayed on my side of the map but i was still in your view? How many of you would protect the near extinct spycrab? Time to vote and see.


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It would seriously depend if the spycrab was crowding me.

I've mowed down a good number of spycrabs just as they come out of spawn on blackmesa, just because I'm spawn camping, and as far as I'm concerned, if I'm not gonna let a heavy/medic out of spawn, I'm not going to let a spycrab out.

That said, I've seen a spycrab get as far as point A in mesa, where he was walking around on the catwalk. I capped A, jumped up on the catwalks, gave him a 'good job' voice command and proceeded to cap the next point.

Basically, it's all about space. And whether I'm feeling particularly vindictive.

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Always kill 'em. For some reason the spycrab doesn't register with me until after I kill them. Ooooh look a spy! Huh... he was crabbing... Woops.


Spycrabs are unworthy creatures that do not deserve the gift of life. Therefore, I must steal it from them.
Ya, I mean, if it all the way over there, I will not be bothered to strafe-rocket over there to kill it.

It all depends on mood and placement. If your not in my way, im not gonna kill you.


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if I were a sniper I'd headshot you. Otherwise, I'd run up next to you, and blow you to juicy bits with my rocket launcher.


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In 2fort and BM, probably not.
Any other map, probably.

Of course, if you unfortunately have teammates next to you that are shooting at me, you're out of luck.

The reason I would kill you on other maps is I have no guarantee that you won't back stab me or someone else the first chance you get.
This is sad to see how many people want the spycrab dead. Ill just do it and see what happens anyways, from what im seeing here most wouldnt if not given a reason to. usually when i spycrab though I do it for the lulz so i generally sty near friendlies that can save me.


I would vote twice for "yes" if I could. Sure it's not that big of a deal to just do your own thing on a server. If you are spycrabbing constantly in a full server though, most people are going to resent it and kill you on sight.