Might be around, might not.


Well guys, today the unthinkable happened.

I'm on pain meds from my wisdom tooth removal and in my idiotic state decided to drink some alcohol. (Some alcohol being half a beer and no it did not contribute to anything!)

Well, the end result was I ran my dad's $100,000 Mercedes into a tree and totalled it. I got a DUI and my friend almost bled out in front of me; I took my shirt off and plugged his cut and saved him. I was under the legal limit (69 out of 80) but the cops still charged me with a DUI. I'm not in the US so cops can do whatever here in the 3rd world. I took a turn and a car had left some oil on it. My rear tires slipped and I went right into a tree. The impact was not hard, my airbags did not deploy, but my car IS totalled. The whole front is destroyed.

Anyway, I may or may not be on for a while. If you see me on flash tomorrow I'm on, if not I'm not.... It's been fun see you or maybe not.. Life sucks but I'm fighting!


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Whoa thats crazy dude! Don't come back till you have everything sorted.

Oh and if i were you, i would run away before your dad murders you!

100k for a car and you ruined it! Boy i would be angry.


Well we got is sorted out and got the DUI dropped since I wasn't over the limit but still. I just destroyed my dad's $100,000 Benz. Can't wait until I wake up tomorrow. I think I'm screwed!


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Oh man...$100000 Mercedes into a tree...Harsh...At least you both out alive...I'd check into the airbags, that's definitely quite a problem if they didn't deploy and the car was totaled...

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Dude! Pat! Im glad your friend and you are good...Hope to see you around man. I hope everything works out with the car as well....
Well as we both know, Life sucks and likes to hand you very difficult situations.....But what dosent kill us makes us stronger and wiser for the future. So u would just be thankfull that you both are ok and wouldent worry so much about the car if i was your dad.....see u on flash soon bud, wont fail the same without u man....