New Jail Map.


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Hey guys, im about to start making a jail map. My friend has shew me a few things so i know quite a bit :D,

The one thing i want to make this jail map into, is something that "YOU" Guys want not just me, i want the people who might actully play this to decide what it has. so..

any suggestions? :D



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Portals that lead to different places...Like the portals that lead to bhop, race, and park in Grand marble.


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Make a cell that has a vent , That leads to a corridor and a miniature but difficult climb that is in a small room with the vent the only exit and when completed leads them in to heal or something , and they get a P228 and Ak.


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Last time he was on Steam, was 27 days ago... I doubt he'll use any of these tips in the near future.