Leaving DOD:S Division :/

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Well as many of you probably already know, I'm in love with Resistance and Liberation. I'm joining INS division to support RnL. I'll be on DOD:S every now and than cause I need my fix of Kalt every now and than.

If you guys want to try RnL, please contact me and I can teach you the controls and just play around with ya. :)



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I may contact you baen, I liked RnL too when it was in Alpha but have been to lazy to due research and DL the beta, and I had no friends in the ins division because, well lets be real here, they scare me, I mean, who would want a map that CSS has!? (Dust2) But uh. BABY COME BACK. BABY DONT LEAVE ME.

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Transfer noted, enjoy RnL. Come on folks, he is not leaving, he will just be a few channels down in vent and a few digits off in server IP's. Still part of the edge family.

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