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Ok so I had a mouse, then it broke, then I had another mouse, then it broke. All in 2 weeks. I'm becoming pretty damn tired of losing a mouse every gaming session. I deciced to go on a mission, look for a gaming mouse. My requirments, Sleek, Sexy, Nice Grip, Nice Buttons, Under $30. Many of you are probably thinking "Wow, that sounds near impossible". No, its not. Its actually quite easy. I was looking in the eGO sponsor list for maybe some company that sold computer moused and stuff, I scrolled down a bit and found Saitek. I clicked it and thought "This is it, now all I need to keep in mind is my budget" All the rest seems taken care of. So I was looking around and I found the Saitek Cyborg V.3 Gaming Mouse. I clicked it, it looked amazing, nice mouse buttons, and 3 thumb buttons [bonus]. Here's the features

* High-Performance 3200dpi for instant response and lethal accuracy.
* 6 Buttons including 3 thumb keys, perfectly positioned for fast gaming action.
* Mode button enables 3 different commands for each button.
* Rubberized wheel for easy, smooth scrolling.
* Powerful ST programming software - Create profiles for each game that you play to save different button configurations.

Tech Specs:

* DPI Range - 3200dpi
* Acceleration - Up to 20G
* Polling Rate - Dynamic up to 500Hz
* Tracking Speed - Up to 1.6m/sec
* System Requirements - Connectivity USB 2.0

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dont be cheap with your mice when you buy cheap that is what you get. now i invested in a Logitech g9x and it was one of the best investments i have ever made GREAT mouse. comes with weights if you want them 2 grips for you to choose and tons of macro settings and stuff like that. i have seen deals on neweggs where they drop to around 40 or even lower with a Mail in rebate but def check it out
Um... I said I was on a budget, thats pretty clear, Those mice are good but I dont really feel link spending 100 dollars on a mouse


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Since everybody seems to be clueless about your $30 budget/isn't reading your post at ALL, here's my recommendation:

Microsoft Sidewinder X5: $34.99 Shipped @ NewEgg

On-the-Fly DPI Switching

Switch from low DPI for accuracy or high DPI for fast movement. Three buttons instantly switch between 400, 800, and 2000 DPI - or you can customize settings using special software.

5 programmable main buttons
Map your favorite gaming actions. Customize your main gaming buttons to your preference.

Customized spells and action movements are easy. Included software lets you create and assign macros for enhanced programmability.

Engineered for Speed
Right-handed shape designed for quick, balanced, precise gaming action.

RESOLUTION: 2000 DPI laser
IMAGE PROCESSING: 7080 frames per second
MAX SPEED: 45+ inches per second
USB REPORTING: Full-speed, 500 Hz
BUTTONS (Left/Right): Rated to 10 million clicks

Quick Launch Button
One-touch access to Microsoft PC Gaming features.

Quick Turn
Check your perimeter with the click of a button.

Wide Rubber Scroll Wheel
With detent clicking action.

Built to Last
Main button life: Rated to 10,000,000 clicks.

On sale down from $50 bones! For the price, nothing can beat it.


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These post is really nice to know about the mouse there are so many facilities for the good mouse or bad mouse. If you are using the mouse. Nowadays the latest facilities of mouse can be available with having a mouse.


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A good mouse is a mouse you like. If you don't like it, all the reviews in the world saying "this is the best mouse evarrrrrrrrr" won't do you any good.


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Most everyone here will tell you to get a Logitech. Most everyone here is correct. I've owned nothing but Logitech mcie and have never had a single problem . Spend the few extra bucks and get a G500, MX518, or G5 . Only run you about 10 bucks more on certain ones depending where you buy.


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Yeah... I'm pretty sure people did read the post, but what almost everyone is saying is that you should just invest in a good mouse.

And you need to start taking better care of your mice. They are not meant to be slammed on a desk or thrown around... they are meant for sliding across a mousepad or desk. I don't exactly take pristine care of my mouse since I LAN often, so it gets crammed into my bag, but I still have yet to have a mouse just break on me.

I've had cheap junky mice I've used for several YEARS. Mice last indefinitely, and if there is an issue with the mouse it will almost certainly qualify for warranty (for the first few years) so just invest in a good mouse and don't try to break it.


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