Windows 7 Pro 32/64bit Key 14.90$

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I made one post

I'm selling Windows 7 Profesionnal keys 32 and 64 bits (if you want I've others Microsoft keys).

Authentic, genuine, and passes WGA checks because this key is
directly from Microsoft.
This keys will lasts forever and never
I'm only selling the key, you'll receive it by email.

I can send you screenshot of my "clients" feedback if you want.

Thanks !


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I'm sorry, but I'm going to need a LOT of proof. You posted this like a minute after joining the site.

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Three reasons this thread is going to be locked:

1) You posted this the day you joined and is your only post.
2) You're selling a Windows 7 Professional Key for $15 (and just the key via e-mail)
3) You're sending the key via e-mail, two things wrong about that:
  • It could be a false key or not even a key or one thats used.
  • Its not the piece of paper it comes on and again can be faked

Not open for further replies.