Team Fortress 2 Classes


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the same 3 that i did in tfc and qwtf

Solly, medic and heavy.

though medic was more of a offensive class not a support class in tfc and qwtf.


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Well when im playing casual and social, I use engi. Setup my SG and around having fun

When I'm just playing, demoman using mel?e only

Comparatively, I use the soldier


Thought i haven't played in a while due some graphic problems, i play a lot as demoman and soldier, mostly as a defensive player.


I try to play pyro most of the time but sometimes i get so pissed by the lack of medics on the team that i'm forced to go medic myself.


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I play Medic mostly and used to play Engie a lot, too. But since the Engie update came out, I've been playing more Heavy, Pyro and Soldier.


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Depends pretty heavily on the server.

On my own, especially if the team needs it, I'll go medic, but this is usually reserved to if I know there are good players on the team TO medic. The last few days, on a team with a pyro, 6 engies and 3 spies, I tend to not play medic at all. When this is the case, I tend to go demoman.

On the flip side, when I know I have a friend in the server who's a medic that I trust, I'll go heavy, and wreck the other team's spawn area on mesa, or just the other team in general in other maps.

And of course, I play the engineer quite often. That was what I began as, and that's a favorite. I haven't been playing him recently in live servers other than to get test data for my up and coming guide, just because of the engie madness lately, but that'll change once the rush is over.


Another amazing TL;DR post by Dreadmaker. Anyway, I mostly play Sniper, but either Scoot or Hoovy if I'm not. Demoman if there's too many engies :S


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i switch based on need or mood but i play scout, pyro, sniper most, and i also make a good heavy and i go heavy for defence or if i just think the team would benifit from a heavy, and iv also gotten better at demoman and play him alot of engie destruction or defence, and sometimes when i feel froggy i go spy, my least played class is probably soilder


Soldier, sniper, demo, medic in that order.

On a lot of servers the engi rush seems to be over, so I'm playing around with a sort of shifting-front style as gunslinger engi.


I play everything just about equally. I go in cycles every few weeks on which one is my favorite lol.

Yet im still garbage with them all lol