Robot Nazi Zombie Apocalypse


Let's say each division had there own house on a block. All weapons and character's and game mechanic's that exist in that division's game are in there own house's.

A Robot Nazi Zombie Apocalypse hit's.

Which division house would you wanna stay at? Why?

Mine: Call of Duty. Regen health baby!


EGO Is My Life!
id choose CSS because we already have a zombie mod

and in the zombie mod the m3 is king

1 shot from the m3 sends zombies flying


EGO Is My Life!
Cod We got us some heli's to fly us out of there.
And then we have some c4 to blow up all the house on the block. Also the nukes,and other stuff.
And we have 2 games so we have modern and old time weapons to own them zombies.
And cod has rain.

<----Raining outside right now.


EGO Is My Life!
hey singular

im a zombie

i knock the walls of your puny house down

what now?

youre own game mechanic work against you bro


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Day of Defeat still, DOD:S has a zombie mod but no one plays it, probably because the plug ins and mod are hard to download.

Anyway Day of Defeat because we have the best m1 garands and BARS


CSS for there fail objects being able to push people back, plant some cabinets in front of windows and walls and no zombie can get in.


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Heavy drills em down

Sniper does the long distance work

Medic... Obvious

Engineer supplies ammo and sentries

Pyro.... Obvious. Flame on!

Spy can sap the robots

Demoman can blow up piles of them


I need to go outside
hey guy

read this

Zombies + Fire = Bad

fire doesnt kill zombies right away so they can continue to come after you ON FIRE. so when that zombie comes over to you asking for a hug, *WOOSH* now youre on fire, and your a zombie tasty treat
"The only thing worse than a zombie that wants to eat you, is a zombie on fire that wants to eat you"

Sentry's, Heavy's, and snipers