Awesome new mod


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I was server browsing and i found this server running a mod called tf2ware, its based off wario ware and its really fun, its a collection of mini games or something for tf2 that you have to accomplish, whenever you complete it you gain a point, each mini game takes like 5 seconds (Example: shoot an enemy, then needle jump, then simon says crouch, stuff like that) and then after 10 or so minigames there is a boss minigame, longer harder minigames, its a really fun map. here are the servers i know that are running this mod :D

both of them dont run it 24/7, the servers also run things like prophunt and melee and other minigames, check it out :D


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It's been found, posted, re-posted, but yeah.

I played it couple times before. I loved it myself. Sucks that the guy isn't willing to release the coding out public. =/


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It doesnt even let me connect! Keeps saying i have missing maps!!!!!!!!!!!
I hate it when that happens. Does anyone know how to fix/circumvent that apart from downloading the map from the interweb? Also, I love this map.