Which motherboard should I get?


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Am not 100% sure with the whole custom computer thing yet. Since this will be my first time and am pretty excited/nervous

EVGA E758-A1


Intel Extreme Series BOXDX58SO

I do plan on getting 2 ATI 5970 cards as well if this helps. If there's a better motherboard out there, then please post it :).

GPU: 2 ATI 5970
Processor: i7 930
RAM: Super Talent Gold DDR3-1600


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Evga board, ive heard good things about them, have you looked into a gigabyte ga-x58a-ud3r or a ga-x58a-ud5 board ? those are also great boards


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my buddy has an EVGA Classified mobo --- has BIOS issues and will reboot whenever it feels like it

I like that Asus board or the new Gigabyte mobo


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If only my cities only Circuit City didn't get liquidated...

These are a lot of choices but I guess I'll go with the Asus Rampage III Extreme Motherboard Intel X58.


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I'm not sure on what CPU you plan on getting, but since you plan to to XFire 2 5970s, your gonna need a beast CPU to relieve bottlenecking.

Also, try to get a board with USB 3.0. Thats my biggest thing right now with buying new mobos. Not so much Sata 6 gb/s as those speeds aren't yet attainable