Free Medal of Honor Beta key!


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Since I already have the MOH beta, I thought I might give some one whoever is the first to reply "I want the Beta key Plox!" then I'll PM them the BETA-key. Totally free, no gyps :]

EDIT: There is another one from JoyRiderUSA! Go solve that problem yo!
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ALERT!!!!!! JoyRider has one up for grabs: First one to add 1+3+3=7+9001+23524634754

No lie, solve the math problem and Ill pm you my extra beta key.


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Unsolvable, but let's assume you wanted the equals sign to be a "+"

In scientific notation: 2.352464*10^10
In normal people numbers: 23524640000

I have it over steam already, so just give the key to the next person who replies "Dark is awesome"