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Well i dont know if im allowed to post this so if it gets taken off oh well. Anyway i was wondering where you guys (if any of you do) watch your movies online free? Right now the site i usually go to is down so they can move their stuff to a new website and i wanna watch me movies!! :drool::biggrin::biggrin::cool_old::cool_old:


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Ok first off, it is illegal to talk or reference such sites, due to piracy issues. Second off, if you dont wanna see it when it first comes out, then do what Sexy says & do $15 a month w/ netflix or go see movies (if possible) at the dollar threatre. if there is a redbox in your area, then go hit that up. you cannot get cheaper than a buck for a dvd rental w/o piracy issues. ive actually used redbox & have not had a single issues (not to mention that their discs are better taken care of than blockbuster).