Gmod snapshot issues


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No, this isn't the typical "reliable snapshot overflow thing"
EDIT: I fail, there actually isn't the word snapshot in this error message. Sorry for the confusion.

Today, I joined some random server, and got spammed with the following message in console. reliable stream overflow

My screen was black, and cleared up only when I opened the pause menu. My controls (besides console key and escape) were locked up as well. The same things happen in single player, except the IP address is replaced with "loopback", and I can look around, interface with menus (derma), use the Q and C menus, and use the weapon scroll selector. The weapons, however, are invisible and unusable. My ping in the single player scoreboard shows as 266, where it used to show as 5. I tried googling it, but most of the fixes I found were either shady scripts or serverside fixes. Typing "retry" into the console does not fix the issue.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Also: while I was writing this, I timed out in single player -_-

Found the issue. The way effects are called in the update before this one, it overloads the client transmission system. Just update wiremod, wiremodels, advancedupe, and unoffical wire if you have it. Leadership can lock if they want.
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