I actually glitched the game

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This shows how i glitched the game using the "use skins you dont own glitch". Basically,
Step by Step guide of how to use a skin that you don't own on a champion:
0. Get in to Champion Select where yo uchoose the champ you use in game
1. Pick your champion that you want to use
2. See if another person in your team has a Champion that you own a skin for, e.g Rammus (if you have beta Rammus), Trist (if you have Facebook Trist) or just a general champ being used that you own a skin for.
3. If you don't have someone in your team using a champion that you own a skin for then too bad
4. Look to the side where it has the pictures of the champions that your team members chose. Click on the champion that you own the skin for. (I think it should be the left hand side)
5. This should bring you to the Champion Info page for their champion, hit the Skins Tab
6. Exit that and it should replace the Skin Selection for the champion that you are using with their champions skins
7. Make sure that the skin of the champion that you actually own a skin for is selected and equipped (not default)
8. Enter the game and you should be wearing whatever skin was in that slot.


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Saw this on LoL forums.......much fun was had last night on vent playing skins that weren't released yet.


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I've found a better one ;P Running through the walls near spawn on twisted treeline on accident :D free flash