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If you read below, you'll see I have no idea what I'm doing, so, to start with, credits:

Original HUD by Essobie - SOBTF2HUD
Health + Death Notifications from the Community HUD Engi Version

Skip the blabber and browse screen shots/download here:
Backup your resource and scripts folders. I'm not kidding!!
Screen shots: http://content.icynemo.us/ego/ch/
Download: http://content.icynemo.us/ego/ch/SOBTF2HUD-HealthOnLeft.zip
Backup your resource and scripts folders. I'm not kidding!!

Read on for more info and one screen shot.

Everything is Essobie except:
Health appearance - the blueish look (taken from Community HUD)
Heath position - Essobie was on the far right.
Death notifications - Essobie was too huge (taken from Community HUD)
Includes somewhat-standard 32 player scoreboard that is pretty common around here.
No changes to class or team selection menus.

There are problems!

  • Heavy sandwich bar, sniper jarate bar, spy cloak bar are all off the screen slightly. You can see this in the screen shots. Fixed but screen shots not updated atm.
  • Domination/revenge text in the death notifications are is messed up. Odd since I copied/pasted this directly. Working on this.

Other stuff might be in the way in different game modes. The health was fine in 2fort but it was in the way in PL, so I moved it.

If you want a polished product, you don't want this. If you want to try it and report problems, feel free.

Tested @ 1280x800 (windowed no border) and 1900x1020 (windowed no border) .

More screen shots (all classes) : http://content.icynemo.us/ego/ch/

More screen shots (all classes) : http://content.icynemo.us/ego/ch/

---------Original Post Starts Here--------

So I found this HUD for TF2 that I really like, with one exception: the health is on the right of the screen, where the net graph is. I want to move it to the left. I can't. I'm editing the HudPlayerHealth.res file, but I don't have a clue what I'm doing, and whenever I move the health past the middle, it just disappears. If I put it in the middle, it cuts half of it off, so I know something is not right.

If you can edit this HUD for me, that would be great. If you could point me at a HUD building tutorial, I'd be happy to do it myself.

Please do not point me to these two sites as I have found them and they have been of no help to me:


Or if I'm missing something from those two sites please point it out to me. I have also tried editing hudlayout.res with no luck.

I have spent one or two hours on this with no luck so if I'm not posting in the right area or am missing an obvious thread with all the info, sorry.
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I have tried every freaking combo possible. Sometimes there are letters along with the numbers that don't seem to mean anything - ie, r, f, c. What?

The big problem is it cuts it off. I can put it in the middle but half of it is cut off. If I move it anywhere left of center, it disappears (at least that's my guess, since it starts cutting it off at mid.)


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"fieldName" "HudPlayerStatus"
"visible" "1"
"enabled" "1"
"xpos" "50" //c0
"ypos" "50"
"wide" "f0" //f0
"tall" "480"
playerstatus = health. Duh :/

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For a non finished product it looks good, are you still working on it and if so hope you fix any other problems soon. Is it possible for you to put it somewhere so that I may dl it and try it out for now? I found your download, but where does the script folder go, I used to have one before I had my comp rebuilt but since I reinstalled steam a while back I havent really installed skins and such so I didnt have a script folder installed for me. So what is the actual location of the script folder?
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team fortress\tf\ should have resource and script dir

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\username\team fortress 2\tf\resource
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\username\team fortress 2\tf\script

(x86) = 64bit. If you're using 32 bit os, it's "program files\steam"

Right now the only problem I see is the Domination/Revenge death notifications. I worked on that last night with no success, but I'll keep trying. If you find/report other problems I'll certainly work on them.

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I started playing with this hud, and I noticed that it didnt show the assists you get for the mini sentry any way you can get that in there?