Codename Gordon Lives!


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I found this neat trick on reddit, and I wanted to share it with you.

Make sure the steam window is open, then open up a browser. Type

into your browser's URL window. A steam window will popup verifying that you want to install Codename Gordon.

Now you have a chance to play the game that shouldn't have been taken off steam.

Also, this won't work on Google Chrome, because it'll search instead of execute.

This is not a hack, and you are not stealing. If you were to do this with a game that you had to pay for (Like tf2) it would download but it'd be pre-loaded, and steam would prompt you to buy it before you could play it.
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Thanks bro, but you can't install it on Google Chrome because if it's not a website, it just uses your default page and googles it, or yahoos it I suppose.