Which build would you choose?


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Are you looking to build one?
I could make you a build.
What's your budget, and what all do you need (ie keyboard, monitor, mouse, speakers, OS, ODD, etc)?
What are your primary purposes of this computer?
What case do you like (instead of me picking one for you)?


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To get as close as possible without completely re doing your build, i would say #3 with the exception of swapping the GPU for 2 GTX 460's . Do not get a 775 socket, the i7 930 is the best choice period. And an Intel SSD will do wonders for you.


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i already have monitor, keybaord, mouse. i'll need everything except a case. im ordering the haf 932 wed. and no HDD. really i want best price for performance. i want to be able to max out bc2 with more than like 60 frames right now im maxin out at like 20..no more than about 1800 i would say