eGO Stickers!


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<div style="width: 500px; text-align: center" align="center">Thanks to razor1 and Duality EdgeGamers has some cool new stickers.

Each division will be sending these out throughout the summer during divisional events / contests. If you are one of the fortunate to receive a sticker, show us where you put it.

Please respect the property of others and only stick them on something that you own.

Post your pictures here

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This thread needs to be a sticky!

I'm glued to this topic!

I'm stuck on how good of a quality these stickers are!


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Stickers taste nice.

But Leadership won't send me this. And if they did, it would arrive next year anyway.


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We Should put these stickers on local stores and gaming lans and burger king etc xD! I Want 100 of these stickers xD!!!


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Stickers! These should be added to the eGO Store if not already, havnt checked there in awhile.


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STICKEEEERS! I want one to put on my electric geetar. And possibly my computer case/dell Mini.