Hey Guys!

Hey eGO I know its been a while since my last forum post but I was hoping to put something meaningful on here...after being very inactive during school and coming back onto the eGO servers there was something I really noticed. One thing in particular that I noticed was that our organization is doing a great job at recruiting! This is something I'm so happy about!

However, I also noticed that many of my fellow e's have earned their G's and even O's which deserves major respect! Anyways I just wanted to put this post out their to say hi to all the new-er members and to congratulate all of our new admins who unfortunately I did not get the privilege of congratulating upon their promotion.

Anyways I hope to see you guys all on the server! Miss you loads!!



Welcome back!

Also, that emu, ostrich, whatever creeps me out. Looks like its trying to look into my soul


Poster Extraordinaire
Welcome back!! I have already seen you around the servers so it's good to see you are active again!