Video Project: Need Support!


Hey everyone,

I'm starting a video project with a buddy of mine. What is this project you ask? We're starting to make videos for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. We hope to get pretty big (a few thousands of views) and our big goal is to be on machinima :)

So, if you feel like helping our cause, then go join the fan page (if you have a Facebook) and we'll post our Youtube videos on that when we start making them. If you don't have a Facebook and would still like to help us, I'll post our videos in this thread when we start making them and all you have to do is watch! Thanks ahead of time if you're going to support us! Every view/fan counts!

Panic! At The Shadow Fanpage

P.S. The in-game name of my buddy is Panic, so we decided to name ourselves that after the band Panic! at the Disco.


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good luck, everyone who has made vidya game movies and got sponsored by Machinima ends up being a total slave

i would suggest just keep goin with the flow of making movies and stay Indie
but ill fan because ill help you out bud


Thanks :) But Split, I'll talk to my bud about that Machinima slave thing. We might take your suggestion.

Anyways, we hope to make the videos soon. We already have our recording programs and material, all we have to do after that is commentate and send it to someone else to edit. After that, its off to youtube.


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Machinima has really gone downhill

remember back when people actually made cool videos with halo 2?

ya now ever tom dick and harry who can record in decent quality is in machinima

their vids dont have to be any good, make any sense what-so-ever, just as long as it pulls viewers towards machinima

/machinima troll

but if your vids are cool ill watch
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