Windows 7 themes? + show off your desktop

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this is more of a help thing but also could be a nice group activity.

basically i want to play with some win 7 themes and so far have failed to get any working so if someone could do a decent tutorial that would be wonderful. Also let see what your desktop looks like. already have a theme and want to show it off? post a pic. have a awesome wallpaper? post a pic

heres a couple ive found and want to try. have to find the names, source etc

if your looking for custom themes and dont know where to look Deviant Art has a nice selection. im also looking for one, not sure it its a custom OS or a theme. it had windows black edition in the pic and looked uber uber sexy
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I'll post mine in an edit in about 30 seconds.
Do any of you know of a tut to make your own themes?

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