Intensity of Battlefield + Entertaining Ventrilo = 12 Hours of Continuous Play


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I made a little equation while I was boring trying to fill up HC Rush and decided to share it.

Intensity of Battlefield + Entertaining Ventrilo = 12 Hours of Continuous Play

What does this mean? It means that I find BC2 offers intense game play and requires a lot of attention; couple this with an entertaining Ventrilo channel then I can find myself melting hours of the away.

This brings me to the discussion. What is the longest streak of time that you have been on Battlefield?

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In this category, I'm a noob lol! I think 2 hours was the longest streak for me, if you even consider that a streak.


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2 to 3, never been one to play for extended periods but usually an hour or so when i get the chance.


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Kerak was on conquest for 14 hours straight to hit 50.

My longest BC2 streak is like 4 hours, but then I had a mental breakdown and didn't play for 2 days (lol srsly tho).


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True I am so nearing the same point. My "Real" life is finally showing me that I need to take care of my priorities. So needless to say I am on and off gaming for now :):cool:
I want to know Kerak's true streak, I've heard rumors. :p


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Hmmm last saturday was : Woke up at 8am checked email and a few other things, then I logged on at 9am and logged off at 1pm for lunch, then logged back in at 2pm than logged off at 8pm for dinner, then logged back in at 9pm then logged off at 2am for sleep.:sleep:


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its never straight hours. but usually if i dont work. its wakeup eat. feed dog. lets say wake up at 10..then game till 1ish. then game from 2-6ish. then from 6:30ish till 3-4 a.m. Im a nerd :D