Colt SAA


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Ok so after 3 days of trying to find a price on a Colt SAA (or Peacemaker as some of you may know them), I come to you guys with hopes that someone can help. Mind you I don't have the money for an origional 1800s SAA, but according to Colt's website they still make the "peacemaker" sadly they don't have a price or any info on where I can find a price :facewall::cursing: I am going to be picking up my Colt 1903 soon and want to start putting money away for a SAA, so any help with a price would be much appreciated.

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You need to search harder. Impactguns is probably going to be your best bet for getting a new out of the box saa, plus they are reputable and I have gone through them with no problem. Although try the auction sites like gunbroker and auctionarms. They are still popular among cowboy action shooters and collectors, so colt would be silly not to still be making them.
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