Were you recruited? Or find eGO on your own?

How I found eGO...

  • I was recruited.

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  • I found eGO on my own.

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The Dude
first ? :p Ya I used to play on the DoD:S flash server and fell in love with Capt.Goomba so I figured I'd join!
I joined a looong time ago back when TF2 just got started. I found the servers because they are located close to where I live and 5 latency i have is just lovely :p


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I found eGO on my own. I bought TF2 for the first time and after going through two servers, I found our 2fort server and basically joined up after that.

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I first found eGO in DOD:S and I played Strand all the time, then I found eGO in TF2. Then I found eGO in CS:S and thats when I joined the CS:S division, I actually never got anybody asking me to join (Maybe no one wanted me?? :eek:).


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I was recruiter on DOD:S - Flash :) Not sure by who, i think TheFlyingDutchman :) Well.... exually i just asked arround and he answered:) (i think). :p


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My friend in real life showed me the CoD4 rotation server. That summer I got TF2 and looked for the eGO servers. I played a lot of Dustbowl and eventually decided to join.


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I found eGO on my own playing TF2 2fort server and played there all the time so figured I should join.


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Was Starting to play dods :) and the first server i dropped in was our eGO Donner server and after some months i joined :)


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i played strand long time with krazy1 and when i didnt see him 2 day's playing there after that i look his steam community page and followed after him in jail and there redstarfish recruited me


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Captain Goomba, on the DOD:S servers, nice guy, but since i no longer have DOD:S (due to my past account being hacked) i cant seem to contact him =/ That guy was awesome


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Found strand and loved the map so I played there a while, became a regular, got recruited, switched to tf2 when it came out.