American McGee is back with Alice: Madness Returns

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Oh man American McGee, that's a name that I haven't been able to use in a while...well at least with admiration. This guy career goes all the way back to 94' and id's Doom days. Though McGee didn't really show up on the scene though till 2000 with the release of Alice, or American McGee's Alice. The guy really likes to slap his name on things.

Anyway AM's Alice was a disturbingly brilliant riff off of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland story. It was an awesome game and if you haven't played it...then your out of luck, cus you can't find it anywhere. It's a game that painfully needs a Steam release. Anyway after Alice American McGee went off to do a string mediocre games that started off with lot's of promise...Bad Day LA for example...but they did poorly.

Now he's back with this:


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I played the original and just packed it away finally.
Great game.

I have no idea what 2nd poster means. Probably just a thing kids say nowadays.


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The textures in the screenshot compared to the trailer are a "bit" bland. I just hope for the life of me it's not the Unreal Engine, platforming isn't it's strongest attribute.


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I used to have a Gametap subscription and I played every one of his Grimm games when they came out to, usually each time to waste an hour.

The platforming was kinda bland but it was a group of about 23 games that took under an hour to beat each (one a week in different seasons) so I wasn't going to complain about that; it was just something to do after all.

But as the games continued to release every week, I started to notice that he just freaking lost the entire point of Re-"Brothers Grimm"ing childhood stories.

After a certain point, he was no longer turning politically corrected fables in to back what they originally were- warnings and tales invented to scare children away from evil things in the world. He was just making everything more evil. For no reason.

I'unno. I might pick this one up when it comes out. Does seem like he's beating the Alice dead-horse a little bit though.