The Masterpiece That Will Revolutionize Modern Art


Ladies and gentlemen. I have created today, along with my friend Roker, what may possibly be the greatest piece of art in existence. We, with our expertise have crafted the motherload. Our piece would put Picasso to shame.

Have a look at this beauty that your eyes are not worth to behold. You might not look at life the same way after you have seen this. Everything will look mundane to you as you reflect on what you though was beautiful and realize that it will never reach the level of beauty that this piece achieves.

Feast your eyes on the prime rib of the gods, the peanut butter of the jelly, the poker face to the Gaga, the answer to life. Yes, it is an even better number than 42. This is the dawn of a new era. I present to you, what is, was and shall be.

This, my friends, is heaven. Have a slice of it: